Open-plan offices and workspaces are getting more and more popular and come with many advantages, such as easy communication with colleagues, for instance. However, when not working collaboratively, open workspaces can make it difficult to focus and concentrate on individual tasks as the noise of the surrounding workers and ringing phones can get distracting. Noise reduction office products are a great way to reduce noise in an office and create a more peaceful and quiet environment that ensures the productivity of the workers. There are several different products that are similar in their functionality in terms of noise reduction, but provide different features when it comes to style and use. Listed below are four great products that help to minimize the noise in your office space, but can also be used as stylish elements to enhance the visual appearance of your workspace:

Noise reduction office products

Acoustic Baffles

One way of effectively reducing the noise in an open space office is by adding acoustic panels. They can either be wall tiles, hanging screens, or standing panels that don’t only absorb the noise in an office but also can be used as stylish elements to design the office space. Typically, materials like compressed mineral wool or foam will be used to absorb soundwaves and reduce general noise. The amount of panels that you need for your office to efficiently clean an area of unnecessary noise depends on the size and noise sources of your open office space. Because of their high functionality, Acoustic panels are likely to be the most common and also the most popular way to absorb disturbing sounds in a working environment. There are three main types of acoustic panels that you can choose from:

  1. Art Acoustic Panels

Art acoustic panels are a suitable choice for anyone that wants to combine soundproofing and personal style. An expert will be able to create personalized panels with your images on them.

  1.  Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Fabric-wrapped panels are very efficient and are similar to a professional-grade acoustic product and are generally easy to install.

  1. Perforated acoustic wood panels

This type of noise panels is popular when you wish to reduce noise levels projected by speakers or musicians and help centralize and absorb soundwaves. 

Acoustic Lighting 

Every office needs some sort of lighting, especially when there is no other light source, like big windows, for example, to let natural light into the room. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get lights that contribute to the noise reduction in the office? This is a product that definitely combines function with visuality and is an absolute must-have for every open space office. Depending on your style and needs, acoustic lights include several design features such as amazing colors, different shapes and sizes, adjustable heights, and dimmable lights. 

Sound Absorbing Furniture

When furnishing meeting rooms, communal areas and other office space, you can benefit from choosing sound-absorbing furniture. Whether you prefer steel frames or solid wood frames, soundproof upholstered furniture does not only create a combination of style and comfort for your office space but is designed to help reduce the noise in your office. By using special fabric, echoes and other disturbing sounds get absorbed, and following help to create a more peaceful and quiet office space for the workers.

Free Standing Sound Absorbing Products

These products are particularly designed for the reduction of noise. Unlike soundproof lamps, for instance, free-standing sound absorbing products can be used anywhere in the room. They become more and more popular as you can directly place it near a source of noise which effectively helps to minimize disturbing sounds in the entire office space. Another advantage of these products is that you can even create entire sound walls where needed without the effort of building a whole new wall. Like this, each and every worker can have their own private space when working on individual tasks, but it also makes it easy to communicate when working collaboratively. Freestanding sound absorbing products come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and therefore can be used to create an individual and stylish design. 

As demonstrated above, there are many different options to choose from when aiming to reduce the noise in an office space. Depending on your individual situation you can choose the product that best suits your office space. To increase the efficiency of noise-absorbing products, you should consider choosing a combination of the aforementioned products that can also be used to decorate your work environment. 

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