Hello! I’m Rose, a Holistic Health Coach Sydney and founder of Y Central Coaching with Helen Bowen.

More than anything in the world, I am passionate about EMpowering women to live their very best lives, to live a life with vitality, with purpose and regain that inner spark.

And if there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s holding a space for these gorgeous souls to help them see their sparkly selves and give them tools to live a truly brilliant life.

Prior to starting this work and still to this day, I follow my other passion as an owner of a successful Remedial Massage and Wellness Clinic here in beautiful North Queensland, Australia. And as a busy entrepreneur I know the challenges that today’s multitasking woman can face.

During my work as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Food and Spirit Practitioner, I kept noticing something that bothered me, my clients were confused about where to start on their health journey, and what information to follow. It’s a problem I encountered on a daily basis. So I decided to make it my mission to help these gorgeous souls to integrate healthy principles into their everyday lives and support them as they navigate this often confusing world of health and wellness, enabling them to discover what truly nourishes them, as unique individuals.

The pivotal point in my studies came when I was introduced to the course Food and Spirit and later enrolled to study to become a practitioner. Through the examination of the Seven Aspects of health, we as practitioners can help guide our clients towards leading a healthier, more vibrant life, by correcting imbalances, by examining their health through the holistic lens and how through a vibrant array of modalities, help them to live a gorgeously brilliant life.

Now one and half years later, the clients I work with are experiencing amazing results. And I have the privilege of coaching these brilliant souls, who constantly amaze me with their progress.

Today, my highest intention is to share what I know about holistic health and to EMpower women to make choices for themselves that brings them closer to health, wellness and a life they love, and to share this, with as many brilliantly gorgeous souls as I can.

Why? Because the world is way better when we enjoy ourselves, eat healthily, love our life vehicles (aka our bodies) and live an authentic life that nourishes us both body and soul.