What is good mental health and wellbeing?
It is enjoying life and being able to bounce back from sadness. Everyone would experience sadness at one point. When you have a breakup in a relationship or you get fired from your job, you can’t help but feel sad. It would be better to go out and have a vacation once in a while. There is reason why all employees have vacation leaves. Good mental health and wellbeing involves treating everyone the way they are supposed to be treated.

One sign of good mental health and wellbeing is when you are pretty confident about yourself and you post a ton of selfies on social media. Another sign would be to feel comfortable with other people no matter who they are. It does not matter whether you are with a celebrity or a politician, you would not mind as long as you just be yourself. Another sign would be laughing with other people. You know you can related to their jokes so you can laugh too.

Why is good mental health important to your wellbeing?
Having good mental health is important as it makes you enjoy life while coping with stress. You can protect your mental health by eating the right food and exercising regularly. Believe it or not, those who are fat get stressed a lot. Also, it will lead us to making the right choices in life. For example, you would know that marrying someone you don’t really like is not a good choice. After all, marriage is such a life-altering decision. You know you would want to spend the rest of your life with the right person. You would not want to let this person go no matter what happens.

How do you improve psychological well being?
The first thing to do would be to cope with all the stresses in daily life. You just need to accept it as it happens. You can’t really do much to avoid it. For example, you are at work and you have a lot of tasks for that day. You would have no choice but to do all of them before you go home. You’re going to think that it would be a splendid idea to relieve stress by going to the bar after that. Another way to improve well being would be to maintain good relationships with others no matter what position they are in their lives. Besides, everyone should be treated as equals.

What are the 5 areas of wellbeing?
The five areas are spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and social. Social involves with going out with other people. The more friends you have, the better it would be but make sure they are true friends. There are people who would pretend to be your friend then would disappear when you least expect it to. Physical deals with getting enough exercise to avoid being obese. When you are obese, you may become a magnet to common diseases such as cough and colds. Intellectual would be learning a bunch of skills that would appropriate for your line of work. You know you will be promoted in no time if you show your boss that you deserve it because of all the skills you have. Spiritual is the religion you worship.

What are 5 ways to wellbeing?
Give, Take Notice, Connect, Be Active, and Keep Learning are the five ways to wellbeing. Take notice is noticing everything that is happening around you. It is important to accept change as it happens. After all, you know it will be for the better. Keep Learning would be learning something new each day whether it is a skill or a word or even a language. You know you will be better when you learn something new as that would help you intellectually. Connect is hanging out with people who you like and like back. Be Active is being in great shape. If you can walk to work, then it won’t make sense to bring your car anymore. Besides, you are going to help conserve the environment if you walk and you will burn a few calories in the process. Give is giving something to the less fortunate whether it is cash or not.

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