Due to advances in medical and other technologies, the average lifespan of a person in Australia has increased significantly. Though people are living to a longer age, they usually require more help as they grow older due to their body ages. While the children take care of their aged parents in some cases, many people either do not have children or whose children do not take care of them due to a variety of reasons. Hence there is a noticeable increase in the demand for assistant services for older people in Australia. Industry sources have indicated that approximately 50,000 job vacancies are available for the trained person who take care of elderly persons, providing the support they require, by November 2020.

While there are many career opportunities available for hardworking and honest individuals, one of the primary considerations while choosing a career is the ease of getting a well-paid job. Hence based on the expert forecasts for the demand for trained employees in different sectors, Health Care Training is offering a wide range of training courses in various fields. One of the career options for which a job is most likely to be guaranteed is the Certificate IV in Ageing Support care which trains the personnel in providing personal, physical and emotional support to an aged person, mainly because of the increase in older people in Australia.

The course provides the student with the knowledge and skills to take care of an aged person properly, and also includes practical training in providing the necessary care. The duration of the course is approximately two hundred hours and includes 15 core units on healthcare and other aspects of elderly care. There are also three elective units in the course. Since practical experience is an essential aspect of any healthcare-related training, the training organization will also help them get placement for practical training so that they can provide better support.

The delivery method for the course in Ageing Support is blended. Students are provided resources for learning for each of the units in the course, and also handbooks for assessment. Instructions for filling each of the assessment books also offer. Students are free to complete the course at the pace they wish, based on their experience and skills. Before undergoing practical placement, the student should get clearance to show that he has no criminal history nationally. He should also undergo the required screening for diseases and immunization. The minimum age for this course is 16 years, and the student should have completed class ten.

The student should have the necessary skills in language, literacy and numeric skills to complete the course. The students may be tested for these skills before they start the course. A variety of methods used to assess the proficiency of student include answering short answer questions, completing projects, reports, case studies, evaluate the portfolios of the student at the workplace during practical training, and checking the logbook during their placement. If the student has studied related subjects or has the possible experience, this can consider while completing the course.

The fee for the Ageing Care course is $270 for concessional students and $320 for students who do not qualify for the concession. Students can pay the fee upfront when they start the course, or they can pay in monthly or other periodic instalments based on their convenience. Though the students can complete the course at their own pace, they can always avail of the assistance of professional trainers over email or phone. Additionally, the student can network with other students who are also completing the course by joining the Facebook group.

There are many opportunities available for students who completed the certification course in aged care. There are a large number of residential care homes for elderly and community care homes which require trained staff. Additionally, many wealthy individuals are elderly and are looking for a professionally trained person who can take help them with their daily activities, working as a home care assistant. The training organization works closely with various healthcare organizations to ensure that students who complete the course get suitable jobs taking care of elderly persons.

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