Regain control of your emotions for improved mental health and wellbeing.


There are many reasons why people can become addicted to things. For example gambling, alcohol, prescription medication, illegal drugs  just to name a few. Addictions become a problem when the person is no longer able to control the urge for whatever it is.


Relationships between couples, families, work colleagues, peers, friends can at times become strained and difficult to manage. In the majority of cases the people involved can problem solve, negotiate and manage to work through relationship issues. However at times the problems can be more complex and complicated and may require professional assistance to overcome the barriers.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety disorders are different however a person suffering from depression may also experience symtpoms of anxiety which may include nervousness, irritability, sleeping problems and impaired cognitive function. Both depression and anxiety have their own causes, emotional and behavioural symptoms.

Your Emotional Health and Wellbeing

At times in your life you may feel that you are loosing control of your emotions. This is the time to seek professional assistance to learn strategies that may  help you to regain control.
At Health Circle Psychology your emotional wellbeing is our priority. Let us assist you to overcome mental health barriers in a safe and caring environment.
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