Better Health Self-Management
Better Health Self-Management

A free practical skills workshop for anyone with ongoing health conditions

What is an ongoing health condition?
Ongoing health conditions are lifelong. They are often called chronic health conditions.
Examples are:
• arthritis
• diabetes
• lung conditions
• heart conditions
• depression
• multiple sclerosis … and many more

They can cause pain, tiredness, lack of energy, and breathing & sleeping problems.
Depression and anxiety is common and many people worry about the future.
It can often be difficult to cope and do the things you enjoy.

Why attend a workshop?
In a “Better Health” workshop you will learn:
• how to manage your symptoms
• the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity
• how to best work with your doctor and healthcare team
• how to manage difficult emotions
• how to make daily tasks easier
• how to set reachable goals
• how to get more out of life

Every workshop is led by two trained Leaders who are Volunteers and Health Workers often living with a chronic health condition themselves.
We also welcome the carers and partners of people living with a chronic health condition.

Are you having trouble coping and doing things you used to find easy to do?
Maybe your chronic condition is only affecting you a little.

Start doings things you enjoy!
Learn how to better manage your symptoms to get more out of life at a “better health” self- management workshop.

Increase the ideas and “tools” you have to manage your health

When & where

Workshops are held across the Central Coast, throughout the year.
The workshops are 2 1/2 hours once a week for 6 weeks, at the same place and time.
Each week there is a break for morning or afternoon tea.

To find out more or to enrol yourself into a workshop call the team at the Self-Management Support Service

4320 9417
4320 9416

workshops are free


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