13 Reasons Why season 2 resources available now
13 Reasons Why season 2 resources available now

headspace and Netflix have collaborated to develop the following information that may be helpful for viewers of the show and the wider community. The information below aims to assist you to safely watch the series, look after yourself and have conversations with your friends and families about some of the issues addressed in 13 Reasons Why.

Important points to remember:

It’s likely a lot of people will be talking about the series. It’s important to be respectful and informed. The information included here can help to keep people safe and connected.

Some people may be distressed by some of the themes in the series, while others are not. This will depend on individual life experiences and current circumstances. It is important to be respectful of other people’s experiences.

Remember, this is TV, dramatized for viewer engagement, designed to entertain. This season endeavours to present challenging issues in a meaningful way, to acknowledge the experiences young people may go through. The characters may not be realistic representations for every viewer.

Tips for watching the show safely:

If you are likely to be affected by any of the themes covered in the show, it is important to consider whether you watch it. You might choose not to, which is ok. Reading about some of the themes in the show can help you decide.

If you choose to watch, you could make a plan to look after yourself. This might be with the support of family and friends. Letting them know what you might struggle with, and how they can help is likely to be useful.

Your support plan could include self-care options such as:

• Take breaks between episodes

• Check in with family and friends between episodes

• Get information from reputable sources about the themes covered in the show

• Take time to look after yourself. Some self-care tips include: prioritising sleep, eating well, staying active, maintaining close relationships with family and friends, learning ways to handle hard times (journaling, listening to music, quiet time out, relaxation), reducing alcohol and other drug use, to keep on doing the things in your life that are fun and important to you.

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If you find the themes in the show distressing and need any support, chat to a friend, your family, a trusted adult or a professional.

In an emergency, please contact 000.
These are national 24/7 crisis services:

Youth Support Services:


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