December App of the Month
December App of the Month

Breakup Shakeup

Feeling down after a breakup? Or just finding it hard to find motivation for anything? Have you lost some of your spark?

Breakup Shakeup can help you come up with cool ideas what to do about it. Getting active and socialising are amongst the best things you can do to start feeling happier and stronger again.

So, give it a try, choose from a large library of activities, and find out some more about each of them using the provided links. Once you make your choice, the app allows you to invite a friend and lock it in your diary. The app can send you reminders, lets you rate your favourite activities and save them in your list, add notes, and much more. Before you know it you’ll feel happier again!

Breakup Shakeup provides ideas for fun, easy things to do to help you cope with a breakup. The app teaches you that planning activities and increasing your social support will help you recover faster.

User rating: Health Pro rating 4/5 stars
Cost: Free
Internet & data usage: Yes
Goals: Improve relationships
Method: Improved relationships
Developer: Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre


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