Smiles Program January 2018
Smiles Program January 2018

Simplifying Mental Illness plus Life Enhancement Skills
A School Holiday program for 8-12-year-olds, who have a family member experiencing a mental health problem (Specifically schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety)

When: Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th January 2018
9 am – 3 pm daily
Where: Dolphin Cottage – Blue Haven Schools as Community Centre 37 Colorado Dr, BLUE HAVEN 2262
The SMILES Program is designed to achieve:

 Increased ability to cope effectively
 A new freedom for self-expression
 Development of creativity
 Reduction in feelings of isolation
 Increase in self-esteem
 …… and much more!

This is achieved through:
 Education about mental illness
 Artwork & music
 Peer support
 Interactive exercises
 Relaxation exercises
 Problem-solving

This all takes place in a fun-filled, supportive and caring atmosphere.
Internationally recognised as best practice by the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (Accepted Apr 2003, published Jul 2004).
Co-facilitated by:
Parramatta Mission Family & Carer Program with Ruth Phelan, COPMI Health Education Officer
Contact for further information & to register:
Ruth Phelan (02) 43047878
Registrations close January 12, 2018


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